Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Race Report: Living Dead Challenge (2-4-1!)

The Living Dead Challenge just sounded like a good time, right y'all?!  5k on Saturday night and half marathon on Sunday morning.  I'm typically a morning runner, but usually have faster times at evening 5ks...strange.  I was really looking forward to this particular 5k because it was at Starkey Park which is a very familiar course.  And flat.

The race directors also did a one mile kids run before the 5k, in which children (who were dressed up for Halloween), ran a mile and collected candy at "fuel stations" along the route.  It had to be the most adorable thing that I've ever seen!  After we cheered on the kiddos, I ran a warmup mile and a half with Ben and Tracey.

There's a small issue with my marathon training and racing.  I have to run before and after the races in order to get the assigned mileage for the day.  It's really not so bad, this is the first year that I've been incorporating races into my training schedule, and it's been working out pretty well so far.

The weather was actually really nice for a 5k, and the sun was just about to set as the 5k was finishing.  I set off and was trying to run the best I could knowing that I also had to run a half marathon the following day.  Ben caught up with me right around the finish and really helped push me to the end.

5k is the race distance that I love to hate.  I love how short they are, but I hate how you have to basically go all out in order to achieve the time you desire.  I've really, (really) been trying to break the elusive 25:00 minute mark.  I'm getting close...super close.  In fact, the Bride of Frankenfooter 5k is my new PR!!

25:03 - 4th out of 38th age group, 64th out of 329th overall

Ben actually got 3rd place in his age group, so he got this really cool looking bronze hand award.  We proceeded to use it as a prop whenever possible on the way home.

All hands on deck!

Hold on!

Shout out to the Saucony's that carried us through the 5k on Saturday night! (From left to right - Tracey's Fastwich, my old school Fastwitch, Ben's Ride)

The following morning for the half marathon, I wasn't really feeling it.  My original goal was to finish around two hours.  Ben decided that he was going to stick with my for this race (bless his heart!).  This normally goes one of two ways - it's either extremely motivating or really aggravating.  Ben is naturally a talented (faster) runner than I am and running just seems to come so easy to him.  Which can be a little frustrating for me.

About halfway through the half marathon course, the water stops were out of water.  Not good.  Luckily, Starkey Park had their water coolers full of ice-cold water.  This race just really fell apart after that.  I got some cramping from the Gels (I'm assuming), it was getting hotter, and there was no water.  It was really a tough race.  And I was very happy to finish.

2:03:32 -- 5th out of 24th age group/40th out of 128 females/88th out of  210 overall

And wouldn't you know it - Ben placed first in his age group!  (I told him that it was his award for being such a patient human being)  The award for first place was a gold foot (not nearly as cool)

We did clean up at the raffle afterwards.  I won a $50 gift card to my favorite running store Suncoast Running!  Tracey got some sort of light up balloons and a cigar bar gift certificate.

Overall, this race was a TON of fun.  I don't remember ever laughing so much before or after a race.  More importantly, check out the BLING!!

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