Friday, October 28, 2011

Race Report: Longleaf Tri

This is a bit late, but October has just gotten crazy busy!  The Longleaf Tri was almost two weeks ago, October 22nd.  The absolute best thing about this race is that it is local and tons of my running buddies are either participating or cheering.  Here is a link to the website for the event:

Last time I did the Ft. DeSoto Tri (on a whim) I was talking to some of running buddies about how they could without a doubt do a tri.  (Yes, I'm talking to you Marcia and Melanie).  I explained that doing a relay may be a good way to try out a tri (HA!) to see how the experience is.  Now, most of you probably know Marcia and know that she is a crazy-fast runner.  Obviously, she would be holding down the run portion of a relay.  Without a doubt.

We talked about it a little more, and decided that myself (swim), Benny B (bike), and Marcia (run) would do Longleaf as a relay.  I have been swimming just about twice a week at the YMCA in order to train.  I consider myself a decent swimmer, so I was actually really excited to just do the swim portion of a tri and really go all out.

Here is Team Sandbaggers before the race (thank you Patrick McCormick for the wonderful photography):

And you can't forget the AWESOME sign that Carrie's daughter Natalie made for us:

Laying 'em down!!!

Now, every one was all together and pumped up for the swim.  But, I stood around for a while.  Until I figured out that I was going the VERY LAST person to enter the lake.  VERY LAST.  Meaning that there was no one else behind me.  Luckily, I was able to pass several people and not be the last one out, but still.  As soon as I hit that lake, I felt as it if forgot how to swim.  The lake was smelly, cold, murky, and downright disgusting.  Blah.

Here I am entering the swim:

Coming out of the swim:

I honestly thought I might die in that lake.  It was TERRIBLE. I drank a LOT of pond water.  If there is something wrong with me down the road, I'm SO blaming it on the pond water.

Here is Marcia on the run: (BEAST mode!):

Ben and I after the race (yes, we are nerds):

Here are the 2011 results:

And here is our winning team photo:

Overall, a super-fun race with a lot of local support. Thumbs up from me! 

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