Thursday, November 3, 2011

Longest Training Run = DONE!

This post is also a little late.  Hope you're not expecting any stats from this run because my Garmin decided to take a crap on me.  However, I will say that Garmin had me download some new software and do a master reset and now the Garmin seems to be working better than ever!  Fingers crossed...

So the training plan for Space Coast as been to do a longer (20 plus) run one week, back it off the next week and then go back up.  Rinse and repeat.  However, Rhonda has never officially given us the training plan (ahem) so that's just what I've been told...  Anyway, the initial plan was to go up to 26 miles because Rhonda is a first time marathoner and the distance is a bit intimidating.  Fortunately after Jen, Melanie, and myself had a little intervention on Rhonda "we" decided that the 24 miler would be our peak run (thank goodness!)

The race is really starting to get close and I was actually excited to run the 24 miler to see how I felt and be on my feet for 4 hours.  We have all sort of assumed our individual roles during our marathon training process.  Jen is our executive chef, Rhonda and Melanie are the moms, and I'm the planner/bling-bling headband wearer.  However, this is the run run that I had to assume the mom role...

There just so happened to be a bike race/ride on the same day of our long run.  We started in Longleaf at 5 am thinking that we could get going and be almost done by the time that the ride was starting at 8 am.  However, on the way back Melanie apparently wanted to run on the left side of the trail.  (for those of you who don't know, bikers/runners are supposed to pass on the left, so staying to the right is normally kosher)  So, assuming my role as I mom - I had to give her a lecture about running on the right side of the road.

There wasn't anything crazy, eventful about this run.  Except that it was surprisingly awesome!  I must admit that this has been the best marathon training ever.  I've only done one other full marathon and I trained solo, so it has been amazing to run with such a cool group of women.

When we got back to the Longleaf parking lot, we were asked to leave ASAP because our cars were right in the middle of their Fall Festival.  Whoops!  Well, we didn't leave until they took our picture:


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