Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today is THREE measly days away from the Space Coast Marathon in beautiful Cocoa Beach, Florida.  This morning Rhonda, Jen, and Melanie met me (and Ben) at the Upper Tampa Bay Trail for an "easy run".  We were supposed to run 4, but actually landed up with 5 - OOPS!  Here are our splits:

Avg Pace

I have to say that it was absolutely perfect running weather, amazing company, and a great way to start Thanksgiving. It made me thing about the things in life that I am truly thankful for.

  1. My family.  Near or far and anytime throughout the year.  
  2. Benjamin Joseph.  The only person who truly "gets me" and stands by me if I am laughing, crying, sneezing, running, or sleeping.  
  3. My health and ability.  I have learned (and have been told) that not everyone can, wants to, or is willing run 26.2 miles.  This weekend I am going to accomplish this goal with some amazing women by my side.
  4. My running friends. Because these people REALLY know me in and out (if you are a runner, you know what I mean...), and are motivational, competitive, and encouraging all at the same time.  
  5. My non-running friends. Because y'all have to listen to all this running nonsense!  And you really do listen, even though you don't actually care. :)
  6. My co-workers.  Because no-one one else has as much fun at work as we do.  It truly is a pleasure to "work" with such talented people.
Anyway, that's enough sappiness for one day.  I sincerely hope that you all have an amazing Thanksgiving with your family and/or friends.  

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