Monday, May 21, 2012

Markets, Cheesecake, Hills, and Baseball

This weekend went by WAY too quickly.  This sounds really horrible, but I normally start planning the upcoming weekend on Saturday.  Blah, if only the silly work week wouldn't get in the way so much...

On Friday, I just caught up on some things around the house, finally did some grocery shopping, and met Ben for lunch at Tampa's downtown Farmer's Market.  It was a really nice day outside and I've been wanting to check out this place for some time. In addition to wonderful food (BBQ, Greek, Ethiopian, Vegan, etc..) they have vendors that sell jewelry, purses, clothing, etc... I actually bought something from Down 2 Earth, and it was beautiful!

After an amazing Greek salad, I headed over to Citrus Park mall to waste some time.  I was potentially looking for some new summer clothes, but it appears that I really need someone to assemble clothing together in to outfits because I'm really bad at shopping (unless it's running clothes!).  Sigh.  Ahh well, I decided I would head over to the party store to gather some (a dozen) balloons for Natalie's pre-birthday celebration at the Cheesecake Factory.

I thought it was going to be hilarious to have Natalie walk around Bay Street/International Plaza with a huge bouquet of balloons...  Guess what?!?  The joke was on me because I had to shove/squeeze/cram a dozen balloons in my car first.  On a windy day.  Holy smokes, I sure hope that I don't show up on one of those American's Funniest Home Video-type shows...  Anyway, the end result turned out great!

Saturday morning I got up really early and watched the movie Moneyball.  If you haven't seen this movie, I highly recommend it!  Moneyball is about baseball, statistics (my favorite!), and the Oakland As. Oh, and Brad Pitt is in the movie, too!  I was really debating about going to bootcamp this Saturday (because I'm lazy), but forced myself to go anyway.  And it's a good thing that I did because I was the only one to show up.  Holy crap, JJ put me through the ringer!  My arms AND legs were shaking so bad at the end of that workout.  Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?!?

After regaining strength in my extremities, I went to go try on my wedding dress. (AHH!)  I had ordered my dress back in December, and I was starting to worry that maybe I wouldn't like the dress as much as I first had.  But, that totally was not the case!  It's hard to describe the way you feel in a wedding dress, espcially the ONE that you are going to be walking down the aisle in, but it's an amazing feeling.

Several people have asked me to see the dress, but I'm trying to make sure that Ben doesn't see that dress before our wedding day.  SO, if you would like to see THE dress, I would be more than happy to e-mail you a picture of some model wearing the dress that I'm going to be wearing, but there will be no pictures of me in my dress until April 13, 2013.  Final answer.

Sunday morning was a planned monthly Hill run in San Antonio.  Most people think Florida is relatively flat, but the East side of Pasco county has some incredible hills.  Elevation gain of 381 feet, anyone?!?

Distance:10.01 mi
Avg Pace:9:04 min/mi
Elevation Gain:381 ft
Calories:1,178 C

There were eight of us that met up this month, and it worked out perfectly because everyone had a partner to run with.  I paired up with Matt (since he didn't know where the route was) and did much better than I expected us to.  Here are the splits:

Avg Pace

The last month we went out to San Antonio, the average was 9:18.  Needless to say, I was incredibly happy with the improvement and hope to do better next month!  Here are a couple of pictures from the paparazzi:

Tracey cracking me up as usual:

We are actually not sure if Coach Steve is taking our picture or not... I'm actually laughing at the fact that he's not even looking AT the camera, just randomly snapping photos

All done (and acting crazy!)

It was a great morning, definitely looking forward to our next adventure in the hills already!  After we got back, Ben and I heading to St. Pete for the Rays vs. Braves game.  We packed up some sandwiches and drinks and hung out in the shade for a little bit before the game.  

My honey grew up a Braves fan (there really weren't any baseball teams around Florida - when we were kids...),but has since become a Rays fan. Here he is honoring both teams:

Our seats were in the 300s, but right behind home plate. (And apparently very close to a lot of other people that I that knew, but didn't realize were so close!)  We had a good time, but ultimately, the Rays lost.  Their offense was TERRIBLE.  TWICE the bases were loaded and they weren't able to score at all.  Ho hum.  Another exciting weekend in Tampa Bay - on to Manic Monday now! Ahhh! 

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