Friday, May 25, 2012

The end of an era

Sadly, this weekend, my BFF Kelly will be moving to Birmingham, Alabama with her husband Keithy-poo.  While this is going to be a very exciting time for both Kelly and Keith, it will be a sad weekend for myself.  I first met Kelly circa Fall of 2001, in Pensacola.  We both went to UWF and worked at the same steakhouse.  I call Kelly my Malibu Barbie friend.  If you aren't friends with her, you will totally want to be her friend just so you can be around her infectious (in a good way!) personality.

Here we are around 2003ish with my old roomie practicing our Foosball skills.  In college, Kelly and I were quite the Foosball sharks.  The poor men of Pensacola...

Once I graduated in 2004, I moved back to the Tampa area.  I begged Kelly to move here for several years.  But she was in graduate school at the time and had a great job.  The issue with Pensacola, is that it's mainly a transient town.  There is a military base, a college, a Christian college, and hurricanes.  A few years later (around 2008), Kelly got a job in Land O' Lakes as a guidance counselor and much to my surprise moved to Pasco county.

Sometimes when you have been away from a friend for a few years, you wonder if your relationship is going to be the same or if you will be too different now.  And although Kelly and I didn't see eye-to-eye on every situation (who does?!?), we were just like peas and carrots again!  Here's a little trip down memory lane:

Molly's Pushing It (real good!)

Gasparilla Parade 2009 (this is the day I met Ben)

MacDintons (cheers to new friend, Amanda!)

DMB Tailgating 2009

Fitzgerald's for my birthday

First of the broken arms at Beer Garten

Being cultured at the theatre

Time for tea - National Museum Day at the Tampa Bay History Museum


Still sharking at foosball in Pensacola

Four Green Fields

World of Beer

More foosball (yes, we are that good!)

St. Patrick's Day at Four Green Fields

St. Pete Beach (with new/old friend, Michelle!)

Kelly's housewarming!

DMB tailgating 2010

Drinking Keith's delicious cider!

Howl at the Moon

Hands down the best date ever at Ryuu

Gasparilla 2011

Lori's visit 

Biff!! (This is the first broken leg)

Pensacola reunion!

The fabulous wedding of Keith and Kelly (LOVE Kristen's face in this one!)

Mmm, PETRAs!

Michelle's goodbye :(

Another date night at Bar Louie

Tommy's Paradise Grill for Lori's visit.

The Loving (?) Hut

It's been quite the adventure.  Good luck to Kelly and Keith and their new adventure in Birmingham, we will be up to visit soon - wild horses couldn't stop me! :) Love you, guys!!

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