Sunday, June 10, 2012

Race Report: RAP River Run

Yesterday was my first actual 5k since November of last year. (I did the Kumquat 5K in January, but the distance was only 2.92 miles).  Personally, I find the 5k distance horrendous.  I'd much rather do a longer distance race where I can really settle in to a pace.  I was really hoping to break 25:00 at Rap River, but was going to be realistic with myself as far as the heat/humidity was concerned in a June race.

I was able to pick up our race numbers and "packets" the day before, so Ben and I didn't have to arrive too early.  We have a special parking location near Fitzgerald's in downtown NPR that I always like to snag in the morning.  We arrived and set out on the new 5k course to warm up a little and stretch before the race started.  I knew that in order to break 25:00, I would have to maintain a 8:02 or better pace for the entire race.

The start line had markers for different pace per mile, I had thought that I would line up where I thought appropriate.  However, I should have realized that other runners don't always pay attention to the markers.  The first lap around the lake was a little hectic, but I hit the first mile a little faster than I wanted to.  I knew that I had to calm it down or I was not going to be able to hold on for the remainder of the race.

However, I totally lost focus after the first mile.  I can not really pin-point any one particular thing that went wrong, but it was not my day - and that's okay.  This was the fastest 5k I've ran since 2004, so I'm making progress and will keep working at my speed.  I will aim for another race when it cools down a bit in the fall.  And as Ben says, I should probably build a bridge and get over it.  Here are my splits from my Garmin:

Avg Pace

Official chip time is 25:25, 8:12 per mile.  8th out of 65 in my age group, 211 out of 923 overall.

Official age group results are HERE

The other really great thing about the Rap River Run is that PHCC participated in the Team Challenge this year.  Our college president is on the board of the RAP House and suggested that we form a team.  Admittedly, we completely slacked on coordinating a team outfit for the race, as pictured below:

Ben, myself, Bobby, Merissa, Julia, Ana, Bob and Alex

But, we totally won the Fastest School Team Award!

It was a great moment with my co-workers as we talked over breakfast about what campus we should house our huge trophy on.  And how we would need to get a big case with mirrors for all of our future awards. =) 

Team results are HERE

Next up, Picnic Island #2 on Friday Night!

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