Wednesday, January 4, 2012

PR or ER!!!

That is my motto for the Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon coming up on February 12th.  It's going to happen.  One or the other.  I would really, really, really like to break two hours in this half marathon.  (Please, little baby Jesus?)  And it got me to thinking, what the heck are all my PRs?  So here's my list:

  • 5K

25:38 (8:19 pace) - Suncoast Sprint - New Port Richey, 4.2.2011

  • 5 Mile

44:43 (8:57 pace) - Rattlesnake Run - San Antonio, 10.15.2011  (in my defense, this race is HILLY!  I was super proud of this time)

  • 10K

53:16 (8:35 pace) - Hudson Rotary - Hudson,  4.9.2011

  • 15K

1:36:14 (10:19 pace) - Gasparilla, Tampa, 2.26.2011 (got engaged in the middle of the only 15K I ever ran, shoot...)

  • Half Marathon

2:09:14 (9:51 pace) Dade City Half Marathon - Dade City, 2.6.2011 (another hilly one, just sayin'....)

  • Marathon

4:39 (10:16 pace) - Space Coast Marathon - Cocoa Beach, 11.27.2011

Obviously 2011 was a stellar year for me in many areas of my life, including running.  Being a huge numbers geek, I love calculating the paces and looking at the progress.  Here's to 2012.  And either getting more PRs or going to visit the ER. :)


  1. Awesome times, mama! You can totally shave ten minutes off your time!

    I would love to PR again. It's been so hard for me, but I'm trying. It seems just getting out there is a PB for me. lol But this year will be the year that I finish a half-marathon under two hours again. Maybe not for Rock 'N Roll, but maybe for Holiday Half. I'll give myself a year to get there. That seems doable, right? ;-)

  2. For sure! I saw a lot of PRs at the Holiday Half this year, seemed like a really nice course. Go D, GOOO!!