Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hitting the Trails...literally

This morning, Ben and I went out to Flatwoods Park to enjoy some trail running.  Next weekend we are running the Trout Creek trail run (5K for me and Ben's dad and 15K for Ben).  Last weekend we ran Trout Creek, and Ben really wanted to try out some more difficult trails in order to prepare for next weekend.  Flatwoods has a "main" trail with smaller offshoots named things like "Gatorbait", "Indian", or "Grandpa".

When I first moved here I mountain biked on the "Indian" trail.  And I busted my butt.  Twice.  One time I fell off my bike and then my bike landed on top of me.  Sweet.  Today, I was hoping for some redemption.  We started out on the main trail and got in to a nice steady pace.

I'm a true newbie when it comes to the trail running.  Ben has way more experience on me, and is really helpful when it comes to pointing out things on the trail that could potentially tip me up or any other pointers that I could really use.  Trail running really does force you to pick up your feet more than on the regular road.  We breezed through the main trail and Gatorbait and made our way over to Indian.  Ben shouted out "Redemption" and we went for it. 

We were going really well until we got to the point where there were rocks. Gulp.  I glanced down at my watch for one second and totally ate it.  Ugh. My hand caught a rock in just the right spot and it was pretty painful. (Not as painful as when I poured alcohol on it later...).  From the splits below, you can tell that tumble occurred at around the 3 mile mark. 

Avg Pace
My goal for next weekend is to run under a 10:00 minute the entire time.  If I can get a 30 minute 5k on the trails, I will honestly be satisfied for the amount of trail training that I have done.  (Now I'm going to be held accountable because it's in writing!)  More importantly, I didn't let a little tumble stop me from finishing my trail run today.

Last week I did three miles on the trail and this week I did four.  Hopefully I can keep working myself up a little more each week.  But, if you are keeping track, the score is:

Indian Trail - 2
LK - 0

You may have won the battle, but I'm going to win this war!!

Have a great weekend!

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