Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spring Break 2012!!


Fortunately I am lucky enough to work for a college that still gives employees a Spring Break.  It wasn't too long ago that Spring Break meant beaches, bathing suits, and fruity cocktails.  However, this year was more about getting things done in my life that I don't  normally have time to accomplish.  It wasn't terrible, and it was really just nice not to have to get dressed at any point in the day.

Monday consisted of me waiting for the Safelite Auto repair man to come within a 12-5 window.  Window?!?  That sounds more like a brick wall to me, but whatever.  This did give me a chance to clean our entire townhouse from top to bottom and clean out my closet and produce two huge bags of clothes for donation.  After the chip in my windshield was repaired I headed over to my favorite running store Suncoast Running (plug, plug) to pick up my new Brooks Pure Cadence.

I ordered the black/purple combination this time and they look AWESOME!  I couldn't be happier with them.  After I picked up my new babies, I decided to give them a whirl at Jenny's Monday night bootcamp.  Sometimes I feel strange "going stag", but luckily I can always partner up with someone else.  It was a hot one, but always a good workout.

Tuesday was filled with more excitement of going to the dry cleaners, dropping off my donation bags, getting my oil changed, and ordering new glasses.  I also squeeze in a five mile run in the morning, which felt pretty good.  (Also a little warm, but was very happy to get it done in the morning!)

Wednesday I had lunch with a co-worker and then got my haircut.  This is the second time that I've gone to Lana at Lavish Salon. (Her husband works with Ben.)  She is seriously amazing, talented, and funny!  She takes her time and really knows a lot about hair.  (Not to mention she has fancy coffee and trashy magazines to boot!)  After I got my haircut, I met my sister and her family for dinner and then the girls (Emily, Kim, Carrie, and myself) go pedicures. 

My niece, Emily, is so darn cute I almost can't stand it!  I can almost already tell that she is going to be a girly-girl.  She doesn't seem to mind fancy handbands or jeggings or anything with flowers on it.  She is only six months, but you know she's advanced!  :)  Here's a photo I snapped of her bouncing around, it's a little blurry because she didn't want to stand still..

Thursday I got up early and did another 5 mile easy run.  It was still a little warm, but it was nice to be outside and moving.  Our office was getting new furniture over the break, but I (not so wisely) scheduled myself to do a class presentation the morning we get back from Spring Break.  Duh.  So our maintenance men (the best around!) made sure that my office was set up so I could put everything in place on Thursday.  Here's a look at the new furniture (which is a HUGE upgrade from what was in there before!):

I was able to get all my files and books taken care of, but my computer was MIA.  That will have to wait until Monday!

Friday was spent shopping at the Gasparilla EXPO.  Honestly my favorite EXPO ever.  There are also a ton of great deals.  I've been in the market for a running skirt, but they are so darn expensive.  I was able to snag this New Balance skirt for $10!!!!

I also bought a Gasparilla shirt from Sports Authority (because I have to have one) and a $10 Asics hooded running jacket for $10.  Plus I got my Gasparilla Half Marathon shirt, which was blue and long-sleeved.  All and all, a pretty good shopping day!  After stopping for a quick bite to eat on the water, it was time to head home.  

I decided it was going to be a good day to finish up this book I've been trying to finish since Christmastime.  Jen Lancaster is one of my favorite authors.  You can also read her very funny blog Jennsylvania.  I have read every one of her books so far, but this is her first novel.  

It was good in her typical funny style.  If you want a book that literally makes you laugh out loud, I would highly recommend any of her books.  

Today I'm finally going to be getting the windows in my car tinted and taking it easy for the Gasparilla Half Marathon taking place tomorrow in downtown Tampa.  I hope all my friends who are running the Gasparilla 15k or getting ready to run the 5k are having a great time and staying cool.  I am going to be swinging by Gasparilla Festival of the Arts which is taking place in Curtis Hixon Park.  

All and all, a very exciting Spring Break, don't you think?

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