Sunday, March 18, 2012

House of Worship

I love Sunday morning runs.  They are always my favorite runs of the entire week.  Normally, I go solo and it's not unusually fast or for time or for mileage.  It is the best time to reflect, plan, detox, and/or clear my head.  I'm not a particularly religious person, but my Sunday morning runs have fast become MY house of worship.

I think about my family and how I got to where I am today because of them.  I giggle to myself with the memories that I secretly share with my sister.  I think about how she truly is the first person who knew me and my strange habits and how we crack each other up with just a look sometimes.  I look up to my big sister and see how great she is with her kids and wonder if I will ever be a mom. And if I am, will I be a good one?

I often think about my friends and all the things that they have going on in their lives.  How we can be so different from each other and still be friends and find things that we have in common.  I think about my running buddies who are running in organized races across the state an country - and always try to subliminally send them positive, cold, non-windy vibes.

I think about Ben and how lucky I am to have even found him in this crazy-busy world.  How he puts up with a lot of my crap and laughs and (most of) my corny jokes.  I spend some time thinking about our upcoming wedding and what I'm going to say to Ben as we face each other in the alter.  I probably spend most of the time wondering how I'm going to make it through the entire vow without bursting in to tears.

I think about work and what happenings have been going on and coming up.  I also spend a lot of time thinking about all the amazing things that my students will go on to do with their lives.  I think about upcoming programs and events and mentally make a list of things that I want to do for the upcoming week. I think about my coworkers and how they all have their own specific areas of academic expertise - whether it's athletic eligibility, academic programs, or even counseling.

Mainly, I think about how lucky I am to have a great and supporting family, to have met Ben, live in a beautiful place, have the ability to run, have amazing friends, have a great career that I love, and have the cutest niece and nephew that melt my heart.  Sundays truly give me a time to literally count my many blessings.

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