Thursday, December 15, 2011


Don't Stop Believing is not only one of my all time favorite songs, but sort of my unofficial running mantra. (I did try to convince Ben that perhaps this should be our first dance, but he wasn't having that..)  I know I "said"  that my goals for 2012 are to break 2 hours in the half marathon and 25 minutes in the 5k, but I'm not sure that I actually BELIEVED that is was honestly attainable.  

Until yesterday.

It started out like any normal Thursday.  Up at 4:50 AM and out the door to meet the Suncoast Striders for my morning run.  (My secret is sleeping in my running clothes so that way I don't have to waste time in the morning getting dressed).  Anyway, started out with Jen and when we got to first mile I looked down at my watch and saw 8:32 (!).  I said Jen, holy smokes (I actually said something else that starts with a S...) this is supposed to be our warm up.  And Jen basically said "just go with it".  Thank goodness it was dark because I totally rolled my eyes..(So glad you're back, Jen! :))

So I went with it.  And we get to the second mile and I looked down at my watch and saw 8:27.  Psht!  That was even faster, but I kept my mouth shut.  Jen said that we would stop at the 2.5 mile mark and just to push it until we got there.  So I did.  I told Jen that I know things are going to get a little uncomfortable during this training, but that's ok.  Jen and I met up with Rhonda and Melanie at the 2.5 mile mark and they said they were looking to go about 8:30 pace, so we decided that we would all run together (just like old times!).  

The last 4 miles, there was not a whole lot of talking going on.  Here are the final splits:

Avg Pace

I was having some trouble downloading my Garmin today, I had to wait for tech support (Ben) to come home and fix it in approximately 30 seconds.  After I FINALLY got to see the splits, I stared at them for a minute and then made Ben pause the movie we were watching so we could marvel at them too (HA!).  I got to thinking about these numbers and was trying to figure out what I was doing differently these past couple of weeks and there are a few changes...

First, I starting the morning off with one CLIF Bar Shot Blok and that really seemed to help with my energy level.  I ordered some Sharkies online, but they have not come in just yet.  They are supposed to be a little easier on the stomach, will keep you posted.

Second, I've been working out with Jenny Palamar since November(ish).  After Space Coast I started doing the Monday night boot camp/Wednesday morning combo workouts with Jenny.  Before meeting Jenny, I despised lifting weights.  Seriously.  I found it SOO boring.  But the bootcamps are fun because there are so many people there, music, and it's a serious sweat session.  And the workouts are fun in a different way because Jenny has me doing things that I never imagined possible (like squatting on an upside Bosu with no assistance - what?!?)

Lastly, I've been really trying to plan my meals ahead of time and watch my calorie and water intake.  Having a plan and know what and when I should be eating has really helped.  Now that I'm on Winter Break (until January 3rd - YESS!) it's going to be even better for planning.  (Not to mention that my office had so many treats, cookies, and candies - temptation!).

Honestly, I have never run that fast for that long in my entire life.  It was truly a breakthrough for me and I couldn't be more excited!  Next up, 11 miler on Saturday.  Happy Friday, y'all!


  1. Dang girl! FANTASTIC pace !!! You were rockin' those miles! --- i ended up cancelling my order for the sharkies - runningwarehouse made me mad (lol). I bought some powerbar gel from Suncoast running, so we'll see how that is. It seems a little thinner in consistency than the hammer.

    I definitely think you can break 2hrs ! Those splits were awesome!

  2. My gosh, rocking pace!!! I am so happy you have been enjoying your workouts. My number one goal is to make it fun!!