Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Tis the Season!

Merry Christmas Eve, y'all!  It's almost 80 degrees here in Tampa, Florida.  Ben and I are sitting with the doors open, fans on, watching Jaws 2.  (Jaws is one of my all-time favorite movies but I don't think I've ever seen Jaws 2). I also heard that Universal Studios will be closing the Jaws attraction as of December 31st so it's a little Christmas Eve trip down memory lane.

Today was the day that my two running "worlds" collided.  My girls - Mel, Rhonda, and Jen - were going to meet Chris who I have been running with at the Upper Tampa Bay Trail recently.  I wasn't exactly worried because it's not like there was going to be a brawl or anything.  I figured Chris and Rhonda could sing together (Rhonda is more Jingle Bells and Chris is more Bloodhound Gang), Jen and Chris could talk about craft beers, and Mel and Chris could really just talk about anything.  Really.

I had 12 miles on my schedule.  At anything under a 9:00 minute pace.  Chris had other plans (although he hadn't told me yet..)  We started out together and then the girls wanted to get back to Strider base camp to get some coffee and goodies and they turned around at 5 miles.  I've been trying to increase my mileage by one mile per week and maintain my under 9:00 pace.  We were doing a pretty good job on the way out so Chris joined me for one more mile out.

That's when it broke the news...

He wanted to finish around 1:45 so that way on half marathon day, if necessary, we can walk the last mile and still be under 2 hours.  Ugh.  Really?  Of course I agreed, but had to rumble a little.  You can see in the splits that we really started picking it up after the 6 mile mark.  

Avg Pace

When it was all said and done, Chris then broke the news that he wants to pace me to a 1:55 half marathon. What?!?  This guy has been drinking too much egg nog!  But when I got home, I calculated the 8:44 pace would be a 1:54 half marathon.  Hmmm....something to think about for sure!

When we got back to Strider camp, there were a ton of people there.  It was nice to see everyone on Christmas Eve.  Oh, and the food!  There was so many delicious treats prepared by my talented Strider friends.  Not to mention that Jen baked me an awesome goodie tin filled with cookies! Yum!  (This coming from the woman who said that she's not a baker - hmmm...)

Tonight is the third annual Montgomery/Kelly/Raposa cooking baking extravaganza.  It is truly one of my favorite holiday traditions.  Hope you all get to spend some quality time with your family and friends this weekend.  Love ya - Merry Christmas! :)

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