Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'll give you a post title!

Where has the week gone?!?  Geeze.  I'm too tired/lazy to think of a post title and Ben is no help - so that's where the title comes from.  I will be more creative over the weekend, I swear!

Here's a brief rundown of my activities for the week:

Monday (night) - Hit up Jenny's Boot Camp!.  If you don't know Jenny Palamar or you've never been to her boot camp, you are missing out.  She is awesome.  Her boot camp's are off the chain.  $10.  One hour.  Sweat pouring from every crevice of your body.  (every Monday and Wednesday at 7 pm at Flex One Trinity).  This was only my second time going, and I basically begged Rhonda to come with me so I wouldn't be the only loser without a partner.  And she came.  And then she proceeded to school me in some jump rope.  

Tuesday (night) -- met up with Chris Williams (been too long!) at Four Green Fields.  They have a running club for drinkers with a running problem.  (Haha!).  Runners pay $3 to join the club and you get a free shirt after 10 runs and patches at 25, 50, 75, and 100 runs.  There is a 5K route out and back down Bayshore.  Typically we have run more than a 5K, and decided to do 5 miles (which is out to Bay to Bay Boulevard and back).  Running Bayshore is always interesting.  It's typically pretty crowded, but the view is breathtaking.  Now, typically when I run with Chris, I have to work really hard to keep up with him.  Tuesday, his legs were a little sore.  So I got a chance to keep the pace.  It was a nice role reversal. (Love ya, Chris!)  Here are our splits:

Avg Pace

Wednesday (morning) -- I typically run easy on Wednesday mornings in my neighborhood by myself.  I was feeling bootcamp and the Tuesday night run, so I decided that I wasn't going to run.  But I did do my training with Jenny at Flex One.  Jenny and I always get a good giggle at the other women working out at the same time I train, who complain the whole time and call the other trainer terrible names.  But anyway, we were able to get through the sets sort of quickly, so Jenny gave me a "bonus workout" or what I referred to as my "daily double".  And it was BOXING.  Had never done that before, and it was F-U-N!

I have to work late on Wednesday nights, so I don't typically get home until 8:15 or so.  Lucky for me, I have the best fiancee ever and he already had dinner prepared when I came home!  Check this out (Yum-o!):

Thursday (morning) -- Went out to meet up with the Suncoast Striders at Longleaf.  It was feeling nice and cool and I started out feeling good, but I'm still trying to take it sort of easy as recovery from the marathon.  The first 2.5 mile loop seemed hard and took a while.  By the time I got to the starting point, I was about ready to bail and hit the shower.  Until....I saw Melanie waiting for me.  Darn it!  I told her that I was totally about to sneak out and go home and she scolded me and made me finish what I started.  What are friends for?!?  (Love ya, Mel!)  Here are our splits:

Avg Pace

That pretty much sums it up so far.  Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!

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