Monday, July 25, 2011

Going Long

This week was long run #2 for the Space Coast Marathon.  And last week was kind of, oh I don't know...TERRIBLE!  So I wasn't particularly looking forward to this week's long run.  Nonetheless, I got up at 4:50 am to meet up with Rhonda at Longleaf.  I was really just hoping that I could at least manage to get the 9 miles in and not have to stop a ton or walk at all.

To my pleasant surprise it was AWESOME!  I'm not really sure if it was starting earlier or perhaps the fact that I didn't do an adventure race the night before(...).  Melanie(#1) joined up with us and we started out at Longleaf and headed down Starkey Boulevard towards Starkey Park.  There were quite a few people starting at Longleaf, mainly because Starkey doesn't open until 6:30 and it's darn hot by then.  So we started off in the "middle" trying to keep a 9:30 pace for the 9 miles. 

We ran in to Starkey Park and took a short bathroom and water break and met up with other Striders and various others running and biking in the park.  By the time we started up again, we had less than 4 miles to go - which was an awesome feeling.  I tried to convince Rhonda and Melanie that since we finished running so early perhaps we could work on our abs until everyone got job.  Well, they  both promptly ignored that and avoided eye contact until everyone else was finished.  Melanie even ran an extra mile and a half just to get out of some ab workouts...geeze ;)  The final pace for our Long Run was 9:29 - right on!

Also, when people run together there are so many different things to talk about.  Honestly, that is one of my favorite things about running.  I feel like you can really get to know someone when you are pounding the pavement for an hour or so.  So we got to talking about running clothes and then on to running underwear - naturally.  My buddy, Melanie, asked me if I wore wicking underwear....and I kind of looked at her like she was a little crazy, because I've never even heard of the stuff.  Anyway, she swears by Jockey's wicking underwear (3 for $24 - HOLLA!), so I went ahead and bought myself some online to try out.  Will keep y'all posted...I'm sure you're DYING with anticipation.

Here's a link to women's wicking underwear on Jockey's website: And, honestly the more I thought about it the more sense it made.  Most guys wear different underwear to workout or run in, so why shouldn't women?

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