Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week in Review

Monday, July 11th – swim at the Carrollwood YMCA (1,100 yards).  This was my first swim at my new Y (*tear*) and it was kind of interesting because their pool is deep in the middle, but shallow on the ends and there were a TON of kids everywhere.  Turns out, there is actually a nicer, newer pool affiliated with the same YMCA, just around the corner. So I will definitely be checking out that pool very soon.
Tuesday, July 12th – late afternoon run down Starkey Boulevard.  Landed up being just shy of 5.5 miles, but it was SO hot!
Wednesday, July 13th – Exercise on demand. If you haven’t tried this out and you have Brighthouse or Verizon, it’s AWESOME!
Thursday, July 14th – race to the weekend with the Suncoast Striders and Rhonda (who finally returned from Wisconsin - shans cheese curds!).  Another 5 miler, still hot out at 5 am, but I have to say that morning runs are my favorite.
Friday, July 15th – Picnic Island Adventure Race #3.  3.6(ish) miles.  Complete results here:
Saturday, July 16th – 8 miler with Rhonda down Longleaf.
Sunday, July 17th – REST! Ahhh J
Ran a total of 21(ish) miles, not too shabby for the first week of marathon (ahhh!) training.

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