Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Manic Monday

I realized this morning that this is the very first Monday that I have worked in the entire month of July.  Rough life...really.  I've always kind of wondered why people take Fridays off when Mondays are ALWAYS worse.  Anyway, had my whole family over for our VERY first dinner party last night.  Well pretty well except that we did not realize that we only have seating for 4 (note to self).

Still recovering from the awesome 80s themed pub crawl this past weekend.  Here are two of my favorite pictures:

I'm still sporting my bright green Saucony's because they are not only comfortable but also VERY appropriate. 

Had an awesome swim (another 1,100 yarder) after work today at the Trinity YMCA.  I think my favorite thing about swimming is how quiet it is when you are under the water.  It's almost like mediation time.  But, I have been giving some serious thought to doing a triathlon for my upcoming 30th birthday.  There is Crystal River #3 ( and the Sand Key Tri ( coming up very soon…..

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