Sunday, July 31, 2011

Top Gun Triathlon: Race Report

Yesterday I was able to compete in the Top Gun Triathlon (.25 mile swim, 10 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run) at beautiful Ft. DeSoto State Park.
Here is a link at the course map:

I got there kind of early because I always want to position my bike as best as I can on the bike rack.  However, there were two women who were a little earlier than I was.  It worked out fine, and I realized that I have never really traveled to a race by myself.  It was nice because I could do whatever I wanted and was able to check out the swim start and the bathroom, and eat a little something before starting.

I met up with some of my running buddies who were there to support and cheer Tracey (her very first tri!), Claude, and myself.  Check out this sign: (!)

It felt kind of strange to hold a sign for myself so we switched :)

 Now, I got this entry at no charge from a fellow runner who was injured and couldn't compete.  However, she is in the very competitive 40-44 age group.  So it was a little intimidating, to say the least.  The swim was going great, until someone elbowed or kicked me right square in the face.  It stunned me for a minute and then I had to just shake it off and keep swimming (obviously).  Here is a picture that my entry-giver (thanks Michelle!) snapped coming out of the swim.

The bike transition was kind of far, in my opinion from the swim.  So it was kind of a far to run bare foot, but what can you do?  I got on the bike and started out.  I love passing people on the bike, not sure what it is, but it just feels good.  Now, of course, I got passed.  A lot.  There were guys (and some gals) flying by me like I was standing still.  The one thing I loved about this course is that the turns were all on a roundabout so you really didn't have to slow down in order to turn.  I was actually pretty happy with my bike time considering that I don't have clips/pedals and I hadn't been on my bike since last September (!).

The run was hot as all get out!  And, surprisingly, mainly in the sand.  If you haven't tried to run after you got off your bike, it kind of feels like you don't have control of your legs.  When I did my very first triathlon, a guy finishing said, "just put one foot in front of the other".  Initially, I thought, yeah...easy for a guy who is finishing to say!  But I just kept repeating the phrase in my head and focused on finishing.  Here is a picture of the finishing portion (photo credit to Tracey's husband - Paul)

Overall, the race was a blast.  I had a lot of fun, and even though it wasn't a PR, it was a challenge and I'm glad I got to soak in the beautiful scenery at Ft. DeSoto with some amazing people! :)  Here are a link to the results:

(I'm number 21 in the 40-44 age group)

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